Here I present the results of the field trial, set up to evaluate the opportunities for the IPM of potato late blight under Irish conditions.
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We looked into potential for using the environmental disease risk prediction, varietal resistance and information on the pathogen population for the reduction of the pesticide usage.
The presentation is split into following sections:
- Disease: The analysis of the foliar disease control.
- Treatment: Number of treatments and proportion of the total dose used in fungicide trials.
- Yield: The effects of the fungicide programme, varietal resistance on marketable yield over the evaluated period.
- Population data: Presentation of the sampling and a descriptive analysis of the samples collected.
- Pop(ulation) Bruvo: Bruvo charts for population data.
- Pop(ulation) DAPC: Discriminant analysis of principal components (DAPC) analysis of the population data.

The funding for this project comes from DAFM (Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine).

The repository is built on the example research compendium provided by Emerson Del Ponte here.

Previous work

The open-access publication of the manuscript where we have presented the preceding work on the evaluation of the Irish Rules, potato late blight risk model used in Ireland, can be found here.
The accompanying compendium with open access to the code is here.

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Project team

Maynooth University: - Rowan Fealy

Teagasc: - Stephen Kildea

Met Eirean: - Keith Lambkin


Please cite this research compendium as:

Cucak, M., Moral, R.D.A., Fealy, R., Lambkin, K. and Kildea, S., Opportunities for an improved potato late blight management in the Republic of Ireland: Field evaluation of the modified Irish Rules crop disease risk prediction model. Phytopathology.


Data: CC-0 attribution requested in reuse Manuscript: CC-BY-4.0
Code: MIT year: 2019, copyright holder: Mladen Cucak


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